Monday, February 20, 2012

A Page From Aristophanes

I have been thinking a lot about the latest assault on women. I had mistakenly thought that(with the exception of the abortion battle) we had put the question of the rights of women to bed. Somehow the bat shit crazy people, in their search for some wedge issue against President Obama, have decided that contraception is the winning game. It is profoundly embarrassing and disturbing to see this happen. It just amazes me that these dirty old men(and a few self loathing crazy women) feel justified in continuing to tell our mothers, sisters, wives, and even grandmothers how they should treat their own bodies. How can they ignore the glorious, magical power of women and their ability to bring new life into the world. How can these jerks insist that this supremely powerful gift of women be turned over to them to do with as they please?
I think it might be high time the women of this country take a lesson or two from Lysistrata.

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