Friday, April 04, 2014

Weather Lies

The forecast  was for thunderstorms and rain all day. Not a drop. I had planned to take advantage of the rain to get some "not outside" things done. I did get the mower prepped with new blades and drive wheels and a clean air filter and oil change. I was reluctant to start anything big outside since it was 90% chance of rain but I finally decided that the weather people were smoking funny stuff and went out and got some stuff done in the garden.
Got friends coming for a few days next week on their way to the Master"s They live in Arkansas now and it's nice that we can stage them for the tournament and get to see them. When they lived here we were constant companions and really miss them. Of course Madam gets insane when they are due for a visit. Nothing is ready for the visit. So far the carpets are cleaned but it looks like I have a major effort in the front with fresh pine straw and whatever. So tomorrow is forecast to be nice and I am going to trust them and start putting out plants. Eggplant, tomato and pepper plants  should see freedom tomorrow.

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