Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Resolutions For The Damned

Resolutions For The Damned / A new year, a Bush-gutted, storm-ravaged world and you in need of some juicy, heartfelt pledges
Mark Morford, as usual, is right on key and funny to boot.

Every article he writes is worth reading. If you don't subscribeto his email you might miss one. In the one above he gives some alternative ideas for resolutions. Below are the last two paragraphs which pretty much wrap it up.

"Finally and perhaps most importantly, resolve to do all this even as you laugh more vigorously than ever at the divine circus of it all, at the great cosmic joke, realizing that these next four years are going to be just shockingly painful to anyone with a heart or a whisper of raw spirituality or the slightest hint of true environmental concern.

And yet there you are, shaking your head and sighing and grinning mischievously and moving forward anyway, as you crank your own personal vibration as much as humanly possible because that, really, is all you can do, and all you can ever do, and it is so desperately needed right now I can't even tell you, and because if you resolve anything this year, resolve to realize how essential you are to moving it all forward, making it all better, bringing it all into more divine focus."

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