Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Never Give In

Steve Bates has a good post over at YDD about Harriet Tubman and the similarities we face today with her struggle for justice. Worth a read.

One common facet of our world and Tubman's is that in both of them, utter disregard for fundamental human rights has been institutionalized by the powers-that-be. Is a government that secretly establishes the prison camps at Guantanamo and the torture chambers at Abu Ghraib and probably a dozen other places, a government that secretly employs "extraordinary rendition" of prisoners of war and political prisoners to countries in which they are tortured, a government that sends its own young people to kill and to die based on a naked lie, less damnable than a society in which the ruling powers openly accommodated the enslavement of human beings? Both are unconscionable and deplorable.

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