Saturday, June 04, 2011

Baked In More Ways Than One

The heat finally ran me out of the garden early this afternoon. It is only the first couple of days of June and already we are breaking records for heat. Right now it is 94F and only 3pm. Probably see 96F again today. Just as a point of reference that is roughly 12 degrees hotter that the average for this time of year. If this is a preview of the coming summer we are well and truly screwed. Oh! and Al Gore is still fat.
As you can see I did manage to get the bread baked today. First homemade bread around here in a couple of months...what with ovens on the fritz and the work schedule. It takes me two days to make a proper sourdough. The first day is waking up the starter and making the dough that needs to ferment overnight in the fridge and then making loaves, proofing and baking on the second day. You just can't get proper flavor without the slow rise in the reefer. The same goes for a proper pizza dough.
Fresh zucchini salad tonight. Small zukes sliced, Vidalia onion and maybe some pinto or garbanzo beans in a quick lemon vinaigrette served over fresh roquette(arugula) from the garden . The zucchini are coming fast and I need to stay ahead. We had a zucchini pizza last night. Shredded zucchini, sharp white cheddar and light tomato sauce. Actually quite nice.
Work tomorrow and off again on Monday.
Oh and need I mention that we will have sliced bread and Irish butter with the salad tonight?

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