Friday, March 30, 2012

Just Stuff

Today Madam and I celebrate our 39th anniversary...hard to believe. For her gift she got new tires and a tuneup on her Explorer. Aren't I romantic?  I have to work this afternoon and evening so we won't be doing a special dinner, tonight at least.
I did hit a rather nice milestone Wednesday as well. Since I modified my diet(6 wks ago) to eliminate "fast carbs" (high glycemic index foods), eliminated processed foods, foods made with white flour, and all sugars even substitutes and increased the whole grains and added mostly vegan protein I have shed just over twenty pounds. Granted I am working out but I was before with no appreciable weight loss so this seems like a good thing. I might also note that my fasting blood sugar is staying at about 90 or below and while I am still taking the meds I will shortly start removing them and we'll see what happens. That will be the true test.
My first two shifts at the new store were rather challenging. For some reason my userid and password aren't working at the new store yet and since I can't log into a register they had me on the lot. That means loading a lot of bags of mulch, top soil, pine straw, etc, as well as rounding up carts and wagons from all over the lot. Not a job for an old man even one in reasonably good shape. I told them yesterday that I wouldn't do that again and to get the password thing fixed or don't bother scheduling me. I'm scheduled today, tomorrow and Sunday so they will have a shortage of cashiers if it is not fixed and it is a "Black Friday" weekend starting today. Lots of deals so the place will be hopping especially in the garden. Last Saturday the garden center accounted for almost 70% of the day's store sales about 80K$ and it should be even busier this weekend.
Off to water in the greenhouse where everybody looks happy and almost ready to go into the garden and then to work. Cheers!

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