Friday, March 16, 2012

Snakes Today

Just came back from the gym and went out to open the greenhouse door as it is going to be in the 80's again today and lo and behold there was a small king snake stalking a lizard in front of the basement door. I spent a good half hour watching the snake inch closer and closer and finally spring. It only took a couple of minutes thereafter for the lizard to disappear down the hatch. The crazy thing is that this happened in the middle of March. Very bad sign for the summer which is probably going to set records for temperature and who knows what else.
We've got house painters coming Monday to start on the house and I have to remember to tell them not to panic or kill the snake if they see it. King snakes are nice to have around as they do a  good job of keeping the poisonous away. In this part of Georgia we normally only see copperheads and the occasional moccasin though the rare Eastern timber rattler will surface now again. I am sure it will be a Hispanic crew and I don't know if they have the same reiculous fear of all snakes that your typical American does.

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