Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Little Wind and Rain

Just got off a back to back(closed at ten last night and opened this and we are getting some pretty good gusts of wind and an occasional shower from Sandy. The temperature has dropped pretty significantly and now at nearly 6pm it is only 55F. We should see temps in the 30's for the first time this season. I just got everybody that needs protection into the greenhouse so we are good.
Good night for soup but I just have to decide which....butternut squash or potato or onion or onion and potato. I think I am leaning toward a nice roasted cippolini onion and potato. All the ingredients would be from the garden(except for the chicken broth which is, however , homemade) but then again so would the butternut squash soup. Work again tomorrow but have Tuesday off so we may actually catch up with things here.

If you are in Sandy's direct or near path please be safe. Remember, tie a string to the cork screw and then to your ankle so that you can find it the dark. You did buy a case or two of 2 buck Chuck to see you through didn't you?


karmanot said...

:) Dang, in our area $2 buck Chuck is closer to $4.

Fallenmonk said...

Yeah, it is here as well but I like the name so I still call it that. Actually it is now $2.99 for 750 ml which is still a bargain.