Thursday, April 04, 2013

Bad Neighbor

I just heard a crash/thud and looked out the kitchen window. Another dead tree(pine beetles) from the vacant lot next door decided to visit. This is the second tree from next door to find its way through the fence and onto the property. What is worse there are several more that could come down at any time. I guess I need to call the owner and jack him up over the damage. I already have a tree service scheduled to come in the next week or so to clean up the last damage plus some other work which is going to set me back about 3 grand not including the fence. I can probably get them to roll this one into the work for nothing extra since it is already down and just needs to be cut up but I would think the owner of the dead trees needs to cover my palm with something. As you can see this was a pretty big sucker and part of the work I have going on next week is to take out two large pines that are infected and dying from the pine beetles before they spread. It's always something.

It is a shame that this nice dead tree came down just now as I am pretty sure there were at least a couple of cavity nesting birds trying to make a home in it and if so they may already have chicks in the nests. If is wasn't raining quite so heavily at the moment I would do a little survey for survivors.

Just for reference I am standing on the northern edge of my garden and this tree blocks the path back to the house which is a couple of hundred feet to the left.

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