Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Slow But Sure

I am slowly making progress in getting the beds built in the garden. I had to quit today because it got too windy and uncomfortable. I did get the support for the peas installed and the beginning of bed # 10 started. When I have finished # 10 I will have moved 220 8x8x16" block and carefully placed and leveled each one. I estimate I have another 10 or so to go. It sure seems like it is taking forever though. It actually only takes a couple of hours once I have gone to Home Despot and hauled the block home and then the 300 feet to garden. It then takes 3-4 hours to fill them and work in the amendments. It is usually a full day per bed.


2karmanot said...

So, are you using blocks to create raised beds, rather than wood?

fallenmonk said...

I would use wood but we can't get the proper type of pressure treated lumber here on the East Coast...it is a West Coast thing. The treated lumber we get is poisonous to virtually everything. Cedar would work but it is too expensive for me right now. The blocks are $1.25 each and do the job and won't contaminate my soil. Just a lot of work! BTW the holes in the block make a great place for salad greens and flowers to attract pollinators.