Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Dumb Republicans - Nothing New

Via Corrente
Eric Margolis wraps it up in a nutshell so to speak. While it is clearly inexplicable why nyone, with the evidence at hand' would even consider voting to actually elect the current administration Eric gives it a try.
Yankees are Blind to Blundering Bush, By Eric Margolis

"How can Republicans remain so blinkered? Part of the fault lies with the sycophantic national media, which collaborated with the Bush administration in whipping up war fever. The media still are not telling people the truth about Iraq, Afghanistan, or the so-called war on terrorism.

The media utterly failed to remind Americans that Bush, who loves to play war leader, actually claimed Iraqi drone aircraft were poised to fly off ships in the North Atlantic and bombard America with germs. Bush should have been laughed out of office for believing and promoting this comic-book nonsense.

Many Republicans simply don't see what the rest of the world does. So what if Iraq was no threat? Don't bother these golf club Rambos with details. They're delighted to see the U.S. pounding Arabs in revenge for 9/11.

Bush's core Republican support lies in the suburbs and Bible-belt rural areas, where many people rely on TV sound bites for their world view, and have little understanding of history, geography or foreign affairs. This is the new 'dumbed-down Republicans Party,' fertile ground for nationalist hysteria, religious extremism, and anti-foreign xenophobia."

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