Friday, October 15, 2004

Swift Boat Lies

I knew the Swift Boat Veterans were lying and now ABC Nightline has sent a team of reporters to Viet Nam to the actual villages where the Silver Star incident happened and it turns out that Kerry's version is accurate on O'Neill's is a lie. What is more it turns out that the SBVT guys has already sent someone and a cameraman to the village earlier, knew the truth, and still lied. Scum!
Kevin Drum at The Washington Monthly: "In August the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth charged that John Kerry had lied about the events that led to his Silver Star. In order to figure out if the SBVT account was true, Nightline sent a crew to Vietnam, where they visited the hamlets of Tran Thoi and Nha Vi and interviewed the local villagers to get their recollections of what really happened 35 years ago. You can read the resulting story yourself, but it's summarized pretty easily: Kerry was right and SBVT honcho John O'Neill wasn't."

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