Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Little rain

We are finally getting a much needed rain today which I wish I could share with Cookie Jill in Santa BBQ who is on fire yet once again. It is a nice respite from the heat of the last week or so. It's 1pm and still only 74F. It's not raining hard but it is raining. I actually went out and stood in it for a while which is always refreshing. I must have been radiating a quiet joy or something because a hummingbird came to hover in front of me a gave me the once over. She decided, after a close inspection, that I was not food and she went instead to the feeder. It happens in the garden quite often and it is always a happy experience when they come so close and look you over so intently. A very special treat from the Goddess.

More canning of tomatoes this afternoon after Madam gets back from lunch with a friend who is having a birthday today. Probably get a batch of pickled peppers started as well. The pepper plants were late getting any fruit set but with the hot dry weather they are now in full production. I've got several poblano plants that have needed some heavy duty staking because they are so heavily laden. Looking forward to some chile rellenos very soon!

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