Friday, August 28, 2009

Rainy Friday

Lots of rain and might not even get to 70 today. Garden work is out so I guess reading is in. Waiting for a break in the rain to go out and see how many more tomatoes there are. It is the final blush and they are coming fast and furious...about a half bushel per day. Going to have to buy more jars!

Going to be a lot of soup this winter and pasta sauce!

Did manage to get a checkup at the dentist in this morning and I am good for another 6 months and on the way home bought my winning $350 million lottery ticket.

Madam and I did take in the new Harry Potter the other day and it was very good. Can't say it was the best but the kids did finally get to do some proper acting. Much better in that department.

Now I just have to decide what book to curl up with and I am feeling like it might be some old science fiction.

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