Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Skipping May

It seems we are skipping May this year in Atlanta. It is almost 3pm and already my thermometer is reading 90F. The forecast is for 92 or 93 today and I am pretty sure we are going to make it handily. Started trying to get some garden work done but decided it was too damn hot so I am back in the air conditioning and contemplating a cold beer. Probably going to see what is on offer over at Netflix. I am paying the $8 a month to download flicks but have only used it a few times. I got the first month free with my Blu-Ray player and the movie quality is quite good. Not that many years ago I wouldn't have thought I could sit in my den and have access to thousands of movies, in High Def no less, on demand for just 8 dollars a month or even that my disc player would be smart enough to use the Internet.  Today might be a good day to vegetate and marvel at the wonders of science with cold beer in hand.

In a similar vein... I was just thinking the other day about the first transistor radio I saw...I guess it was in the fifties and how amazingly small it was compared to the conventional tube jobs. Now I look at my HTC 4G Android phone and find it hard to understand the leap from that first transistor radio to what we have now and I was fully involved in the technology just seems like such a huge leap. Seriously, have you seen what the new smart phones can do?

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