Saturday, May 28, 2011

Water Controlled

The heavy rains the other night proved my water control strategy for the garden. No flooding and my "moat" diverted all the runoff from the neighbor's scorched earth back yard around the garden. It was worth the day spent digging the "moat". Lot's of growth in the garden with all the rain. Spent the morning redirecting tomato plants back into their cages and the like. Lots of small green tomatoes, a few tiny cukes and at least one zucchini and a couple of Japanese eggplant. Really disappointed in a new variety of yellow squash I planted this year. It's called'Horn of Plenty" but it is not growing and looks terrible. The zucchini planted next to it and at the same time are four times larger and blooming. I guess I am going to have to replant some of the old traditional "Yellow Crookneck" if I am to have yellow squash.
Off to work the noon to 9pm shift at you know where in a few minutes but at least I got a little garden time in this morning.

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