Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fancy That

Sort of slow day around here. Got a little garden work done this morning while it was still bearable but other than that I'm being a slug and avoiding the heat. I am enjoying watch the Mittster step on his crank repeatedly whilst touring England. Insinuates they will screw up the Olympics which makes Cameron a little cranky. Then he goes on to insist that he doesn't want America to go the way of Europe. It seems like it is one flub after another. Maybe we should get him out before we are at war again.
The British tabloids (even the Mail) is having a good time at his expense. It is being described by some as a "Palinesque" performance. Ouch!

Update: forgot the link to Huffpo for the excitement

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larkohio said...

It is probably not polite to p.o. the country that is our greatest ally.  Just be polite.  He was plain old rude.  It makes me remember when he was meeting with some of us "ordinary" people in their backyard in Pennsylvania and he criticized the cookies! Having a lot of money doesn't necessarily give you class.