Thursday, September 13, 2012

Real Lesson

I had my first guitar lesson with a real live teacher yesterday(for my birthday) and I must say it makes a difference. I've been trying to use books and cd's but I haven't really been progressing that much....I might actually learn to play blues guitar at some point. The teacher is a pro and it shows.


karmanot said...

Yea! Just remember that deep in the heart of every southern mountain boy is the soul of a banjo. You will succeed!

Steve Bates said...

You learned what most of my recorder students learned sooner or later: there are things that a book (CD, whatever) can't teach you about playing an instrument. I was originally self-taught on recorder, but didn't get really good at it until I had lessons at several summer workshops (Michael Lynn at Oberlin, Eva LegĂȘne in Colorado Springs, etc.... people who understood the instrument at a depth I could only imagine prior to a few lessons with them). Ultimately we are our own teachers, but the path to enlightenment can certainly be shortened by direct exposure to masters!