Monday, September 02, 2013

Roasted Beast Anyway

I decided not to let the bad weather get in the way of some slow roasted pork. dashed to Publix and got a small Boston Butt (pork shoulder roast) and slathered it in Penzey's Cajun Spice mix and kosher salt and a good rub down with liquid smoke. Covered it with a couple of slices of thick sliced bacon (Wright's hickory) and into the oven at 300F for six hours or so. Should have some "close to the real thing" pulled pork for dinner. So there!

I almost went to Whole Foods where I know I can get banana leaves and did a Kahlua style but decided on the Carolina style instead. And yes, I am going to make cole slaw and corn sticks as well and there may even be BBQ beans in the mix.

P.S. Here is a little corn stick hack for those of you that don't own proper cast iron corn stick pans. Use heavy duty foil and pleat it to make little troughs of the size you want and just pour your batter into the pleats. A jelly roll or half sheet pan works best to hold the foil and don't forget to use some cooking spray on the foil. As always for cornbread it is best to pour the batter into a preheated pan.

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