Sunday, September 08, 2013

Well, That was a Splurge

Just got back from Whole Paycheck and I did find what I was looking for. A little sticker shock though. The grass fed tenderloin from White Oak Pastures was 29.99/lb ouch! So the two 6 oz pieces cost a bunch. Same for the wild caught Georgia shrimp. The 16-20 count (large) were 15.99 a pound so the 8 I bought were roughly a buck apiece.Still probably less than what I would pay if we went out and I know where my dinner is coming from. Definitely a splurge, however.

I can tell you that I am going to take extra special care not to screw up the cooking on these babies.

I also found they had some late Georgia peaches so it fresh peach tart for pudding. I seriously looked at the all butter puff pastry for the dessert but I drew the line at  paying 12 bucks for a single sheet. Instead I will use Pepperidge Farm, which isn't made from butter, and hope that the fresh peaches make up for the slight on the pastry side. Yes, I also know that it has a small amount of HFCS in it but that is the only option for puff pastry in the grocery. And also yes, I can make my own puff pastry with real butter but I don't have the there.

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karmanot said...

It's still Gravenstein apple harvest time here in Sonoma. We'll make an apple bread pudding in your honor!