Monday, January 11, 2016

Almost Back

Almost back to normal. The recovery from the pre Christmas surgery has been very slow. The incision part is just fine though there is a bit of swelling still. The bad part has been whatever caused the hematoma and all the other swelling. Still tender and swollen still. I did manage a bit of a walk with Zoey yesterday and Saturday. Today we did the full mile.
Hard freeze last night and another forecast for tonight. I felt the need to try and salvage some of the cabbage in the garden so I went out Saturday and harvested half of it. Six very large heads all about 3 pounds each. The only thing to do with that much cabbage is to make sauerkraut so that's what I did yesterday. After trimming and everything I wound up with 14 pounds of shredded cabbage which is just the right about for a 10 liter crock and that is where it all is. Four weeks and we should be kraut.

While I was shredding the 14 pounds of cabbage ( big job!) I looked up and noticed a Copper's Hawk hunting in the backyard. One of his perches turned out to be the closest deck railing to the kitchen window. I was lucky to have my big Nikon handy and fortunate that I had the 300mm zoom mounted. I got some good shots. I'm calling this a Cooper's but it could also be a Sharp Shinned Hawk as they are virtually identical except for size. Anyhow here are a coupe of good shots.