Saturday, June 04, 2005

Finally the Weekend

Another grueling week is over..thank me. As you can see not much activity on the weblog other than some stolen stuff. I've got several fairly big projects to finish in July which includes a week of vacation. I didn't get my Q2 MBOs until last week and there is a lot to do. Yes, I did whine that two thirds of the quarter were already gone and that it was pretty lousy management. There will really be some noise if I miss a quarterly bonus as a result.
Atlanta has had some really less than perfect weather over the last few days and it looks to stay with us for a few more. Madame is all in a twist that it will be bad for our little holiday week after next but I keep assuring her that it will be fine. We've decided to drive the Natchez Trace from South to North over a few days and just follow our noses, stopping when we want. I made hotel reservations for five nights in Natchez, Jackson, Tupelo,MS, Muscle Shoals, AL and Franklin, TN and those are only 100 - 150 miles apart. Shouldn't be in a rush to get anywhere. I'm looking forward to it.
Just went down to the kitchen to get another coffee and noticed all the activity in the back yard. Woodpecker city! Two red-headed, a downy, a hairy, a red-bellied and a common flicker all at once. Must get some more suet when I go out...Of course, the down side of feeding the wildlife are the less than desirables, crows and even the occasional rat. I don't think there is any way to avoid them when there is food available. Oh well...all the goddess' creatures and all.
I hope to be a little more active the coming week but we'll have to see. Lots going on and some of it means I will have to waste the 45 minutes each way to drive to the office. I really hate that.
Ok, so now off on the Saturday rounds. Later...and there does seem to be some sun shining for a change better get it while I can.

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