Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Muscle Shoals

Well we've made it to Muscle Shoals home of some of the greatest rock and roll recordings. So far the drive along the Natchez Trace Parkway has been great. No problems with the weather as Arlene stayed a little more east than originally predicted.
Natchez is charming and has over 500 buildings on the National Register...no time to see them all but Rosalie was worth the trip alone. The drive from Natchez to Jackson is just full of places to see the history of the area and the park service has done a wonderful job. I don't feel so bad about taxes when I see these kind of results. Jackson to Tupelo is another great leg with historical stops the entire way. This is the longest day with 160 miles or so to travel....that doesn't sound like much but when you ar stopping every five miles to look at some historical site....it adds up to a full day. the speed limit is 50 as well.
Jackson to Tupelo and the birthplace of Elvis Presley...nuff said. More good stuff along the way.
Finally a short jaunt to Muscle Shoals/Tuscumbia/Sheffield. Tuscumbia is the birthplace of Helen Keller and you can tour the house and grounds of Ivy Green where she was born and lived until she went off to school.
Tomorrow is the last leg to Nashville only we will stop in Franklin, TN which has some historical interest and where we have never been.
Next off to the hills of Virginia/West Virginia to see Mom for a few days. All in all a good week. Probably 1500 plus miles by the time it is all over and we are back home but not too hectic.

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