Friday, June 24, 2005

Stab In The Back Time

I just want to go on record here with a warning concerning the latest strategy by Rove and the upcoming speech by Dipstick at Fort Bragg.
They have figured out that they are losing the game. The razzle-dazzle they used in the first term is no longer as effective and hence the falling poll numbers.
Solution? Shift responsibility for the disaster in Iraq to the liberals. That was the purpose in Rove's appearance in New York. Begin the effort to shift the blame.
The liberals didn't support the troops and we lost the war.
The liberals didn't suppport the president in his glorious struggle against terrorism and we lost the war.
The liberals wouldn't let us get the information we needed from prisoners and we lost the war.
The liberals questioned the reasons for war and we lost.
The liberals encouraged the enemy with lies about torture and we lost.
The liberals whined for a pullout of troops and invigorated the insurgents and we lost the war.
You will here it more and more from now on out and you will here it from Bush at Ft. Bragg. It won't be as virulent and openly nasty as Rove but it will be there. Some references about failing support for the war and questioning the purpose. A lack of resolve to fight terrorism. Forgeting the tragedy of 9/11 and relaxing the vigilance. It will all be in the Ft. Bragg speech in one form or another.
Listen closely and remember that the true motive is to gradually reinforce the meme that the liberals, by questioning the President and the torture and the reasons for war have given aid and comfort to the enemy and are therefore traitors to the glorious cause of spreading democracy and the reason we have lost the war in Iraq. Mark my words.

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