Thursday, April 10, 2008

First Morning in the Peaks

Here we are in much better shape. Managed, with difficulty, to stay awake until half past eight last night and then slept like a rock all night(with only the occasional jab from Madam to reset the snoring) so we are much closer to being on Greenwich time than yesterday. Left on my own today as my host had a meeting in Birmingham and the ladies have all decided to go to Sheffield to the swim club for a swim and lunch. Rumor of a massage in the air as well.

Predictably I have been charged with dinner tonight so I have to go foraging in the village(Eyam). It is always a challenge to figure out when George the Butcher will deign to open his little shop and then to discover what he will have available. The green grocer is normally open during the day but if you didn't order anything special you have to do with what he has on hand. We thought ahead and went to the Sainsbury in Sheffield last evening so we have some veges.
We also stopped by the fishmonger in Sheffield on the way home and scored some sea bass for dinner last night which I roasted in the Greek style with herbs and lemon. Lovely as the Brits say. Just a jacket potato and a roquette salad on the side.

Tomorrow we are off to Broadway in the Cotswolds (near Oxford) for the wedding on Saturday and then Sunday on down to Cotehele in Cornwall to see what we see. We do have one culinary adventure scheduled and that is lunch reservations at one of Peter Stein's restaurants. He has one of the cooking shows on British TV and so I am looking forward to that. We will also be checking out "The Boot" a culinary pub near where we will be on the recommendation of David Duff one of our regular visitors.

Well it is only 0430 or earlier for you Yanks but I am off to the village to shop for dinner. It has turned off a brilliant and sunny day (though a little chilly) as it was a bit frosty this morning but it should be warming nicely. I'l be back a little later.

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