Thursday, August 28, 2008

New Toys and Gardening

Home Despot sent me a 10% off coupon and I used it this morning to replace my old DeWalt cordless drill with a new 14.6 volt one. I also bought a hand held grinder and cut off tool to do some adjustments on the deck awning to accommodate the new awning which is just slightly smaller than the old, original one. Going to play with the new tools and get some chores done. Madam will be pleased and I will receive much praise for having the new awning up when she gets home and with luck there will be no mention of the $200 bucks I dropped at HD this morning.

The rain and now sun has stimulated the garden in a big way. The radishes need to be thinned and the peas need some support as they grew over an inch last night and at this rate will want something to grow on in a few days. Since I have no urgent work type work I will take this opportunity to get it all done. I found some neat plastic fencing at HD that will be perfect for the support and a bonus is it is green and made from recycled stuff. Cool!

Oh, and the DeWalt rep was in the store this morning and in addition to guiding me to best deal on the tools he gave me a nice set of assorted bits and drivers for buying some his tools. Nice!

Except for dropping a new roll of toilet paper in the toilet this morning everything is going well so far. And yes, I politely declined the proferred tube steak at the store entrance this morning.

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