Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Quiet Around Here

It's going to be quiet around here for a few weeks while Madam and I go to a wedding in the UK and then take a little holiday in Saint Mars du Desert in France. A friend has a house there and it won't cost anything but food and wine and sharing the petrol cost with some friends. Can't beat the price.

With the DHS now taking laptops without probable cause and searching them who knows what I have decided not to take mine this time. I will just do without for a couple of weeks. I have my BlackBerry(and I am having 2nd thoughts about it) and can post in an emergency or something but otherwise I'm going cold turkey.

You guys place nice while I am gone. We are supposed to be back the 19th so we'll see you then.

Update: BTW help yourself to anything you find in the garden. Some nice bell peppers are almost ready and of course there are plenty of tomatoes. Shame to have them go to waste.

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