Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Still Raining Off and On

But that's good! Some of the seeds I planted Saturday afternoon have found they like the constant water. The radishes are an inch high already...I think I actually can see them grow! The snow peas are just before popping out of the ground as are the sugar snaps. No sign of the carrots but they are awful tiny seeds.
Did a pretty good job at Whole Foods today on the mid week shopping. Locally grown apples and white peaches(gloriously sweet). Locally produced eggs and milk. No meat that meets my requirements available so it is veggie night tonight. A few tomatoes left and a couple of peppers from the garden so it may just be rabbit food. There is always pasta but I am trying to seriously limit my carbs right now. I kind of overdid the croissants and bread while in France and I need to get my blood sugar back in control.

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