Sunday, October 25, 2009

I've Got Worms!

I finally found the plans for a feed through, continuous vermi-composter. I have been looking around for quite awhile and finally found it at the web site for Klickitat County Oregon(of all places) in their recycling center. If you are interested, here is the link.

A 'wormery' was the last thing in my organic gardening effort that had eluded me, mostly because of cost. There are a lot of 'wormeries' for sale but the nice continuous varieties are hundreds of dollars. I got all of the materials I needed to build my own for under $30 at Lowe's. 3 Rubbermaid 10 gallon storage 'Roughtotes', 1 8 foot 1x2 piece of cedar lath and 16 1x11/4 wood screws. I already had some screening.

So I have been busy drilling holes and making my own 'wormery'. I even went to the bait shop and bought some red wigglers but I will have to order some more as the bait shop is $4.50 for 25 worms and I need a few hundred. I'll get a load from Uncle Jim's Worm Farm for $20 for a 1000.

I finish it up today and get the first worms to work. What fun!

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