Sunday, October 04, 2009

Post Flea Fling

The Historical Society made a little money and everyone had a good time. There was a lot of stuff unsold which went to charity. Not sure the revenue was worth all the work by so many but they now have more than they did.

In spite of the sore muscles from all the tent erecting and taking down and lifting and carrying I got a little more cleanup done in the garden today. Still a lot of work to do before I can even get the peas planted and it might be a little late.

I have jury duty tomorrow. I am really not looking forward to the commute into downtown Atlanta for the 8am appearance at the court house. I never get picked and it just means sitting there until mid afternoon when they dismiss you. I did get called into a jury pool once but I didn't get selected. So it is out of here by 6am to catch the train into downtown and a day of hanging about. Got a book. Needless to say it will be quiet around here unless I decide to blog from the Crackberry which is painful.

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