Thursday, November 05, 2009


If you really, really want to know how much the Republicans care about the American people you don't have to go far beyond the CBO's preliminary estimate of the Republican amendment to the House health care bill. They could have at least made an effort to appear concerned about the health care crisis in America but no they just dropped their pants and mooned us.

Democrats – 36 million more covered by 2019,
96% of US covered;
Republicans – 3 million more covered by 2019,
83% of US covered

The much vaunted 'deficit hawks' or 'fiscal conservatives' not only managed to come up with a plan that would cover 33 million fewer Americans but they did it by managing to spend 36 billion dollars more over 10 years. Way to go boys! It must have taken them hours, maybe even a whole day to come up with this plan.

Democrats – $104 billion in deficit reduction by 2019
Republicans – $68 billion in deficit reduction by 2019

Since the CBO numbers don't fit their jive, expect the Republicans to discount the CBO estimates as inaccurate and just 'estimates'. Of course, we are supposed to ignore the fact that for the last 8 months or so the GOP has jumped on the very same CBO estimates as the gospel.

There is absolutely no way this crap of a amendment will gain any traction but it was good for a laugh anyway. Now we can just go back to the Republicans trying to delay, lie about and otherwise trash the Democratic plan.

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