Friday, November 27, 2009

Post Turkey Day

I hope everyone had a great holiday. My daughter pronounced the dinner the best ever. Not so sure that is accurate but it was a nice compliment. She is on duty today but took plenty of left over leek and potato soup and other goodies to get her through the shift. There will also be leftovers at the firehouse as a lot of people bring goodies for the firefighters on Thanksgiving. They brought their dogs yesterday and we got to meet the newest addition Rudy. He is about a year old and was a rescue. He looks like a mixture of terrier and springer spaniel with a little red fox thrown in. Cute and friendly and seems to fit in with the other two just fine. All three really enjoyed the lamb shank bones that was their holiday treat. It was funny to watch them each take a bone and then run to their own corner of the backyard to enjoy.

I'm just knocking around today. Putting away things I dragged out for the meal yesterday. I did get a batch of sourdough started for the weekly bread bake but other than that no cooking will be done today. I had toast and deviled eggs for breakfast and it will probably be left over dressing and gravy for lunch and maybe another piece of pumpkin pie. I baked two but Mini Monk took one with her as part of her booty.

In spite of my protests Madam has gone to the mall...insanity. She even tried to convince me to go since I was doing nothing important...not happening.

Anyhow, go have a turkey sandwich or whatever and enjoy the day off( if that applies). I think I hear the distant call of 'punkin' pie.

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