Tuesday, November 10, 2009

To the Life Boats!

Tropical Storm Ida is doing her thing. It has been raining at a pretty good clip since late last night and it still raining now at 10pm. I can't guess how much it has rained in the last 18 hours but its a bunch. We'll know tomorrow morning(if it stops raining) how bad the damage is. I tilled(3 times) and loaded up a mountain of leaves in the garden but I don't know if it can absorb this amount of water. Frustration, frustration. There is a ditch to divert the run off from the property to the West but we'll just have to wait and see.

In an attempt to temper the depression over all the rain I decided that something earthy, warm and nourishing had to be on the dinner menu tonight. I relented and bought 4 chicken thighs to braise. A simple mirepoix and Herbes de Provence along with a little white wine and chicken broth did the trick. Slow cooked for three hours and served over a blend of brown basmati and wild rice. It would have been better with a free range chicken but 'industrial' chicken thighs were $.99 a pound and I am on a lean budget. I shudder to think how you can raise a chicken to market weight and sell it at that price humanely but.....I rationalize the purchase of 'industrial' chicken by knowing that I raised the chicken thighs to their highest potential and thus honored the chicken's 'ultimate' sacrifice...I know it's weak... but a little slack.

Has anybody been watching TV and noticed that every car insurance company can save you money over your current plan if you switch? Someone needs to organize an auction or something so us rubes can figure out who has the cheapest insurance for real. They seem to be picking on GEICO...it's probably some suppressed gecko hate or something.

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