Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Good Breakfast But More Flurries

That groundhog is on my "no birthday card" list. Snow flurries again this morning and overnight...birdbaths frozen. Not my idea of the end of March. Anyhow, there doesn't appear to be any damage to the blueberries which are just beginning to flower and there is nothing in the garden yet that can't take a bit of frost and the babies in the greenhouse all look fine this morning as the little heater kept it about 50F overnight. Working again today from noon til 10p...yeah it's a long shift but they begged me to stay longer tonight since the computer neglected to schedule anyone to close the store tonight. What's an extra hour? I do have the next three days off so that's something.

In light of the less than spring weather I whipped up a cheater version of Eggs in Purgatory for breakfast which, if you haven't tried it, is a nice change. The recipe linked above is from Mario Batali and is excellent. I cheated this morning since I was only going to have two eggs. I always try to keep some fresh salsa on hand as I use it a lot to give otherwise not too exciting things a kick. I use 3-4 tablespoons of Jack's Special Medium Hot as the base and just poach the eggs in the simmering puddle in a small frying pan. The Jack's Special is from Garden Fresh and it is IMHO the best readily available fresh salsa on the market.

I also use the stuff on my favorite canned tuna as a nice light lunch. Again, IMHO, the best canned tuna around is Henry and Lisa's solid white. Sustainably caught using hook and line it is a sashimi grade tuna filet in a can. I just dump in out of the can and give a liberal dousing of salsa and it makes a great lunch. I get mine from Natural Foods Warehouse but you may be able to find it other places. Once you try it you will be spoiled for any other canned tuna...and yes it is a little pricey.

An hour to practice the guitar and off to work. I'm scheduled for the garden center but I doubt they will open it up as they didn't yesterday and it's even colder and windier today so my guess is I'll wind up at returns of self check...arrrhg! I hate both.


jillian johnson said...

Thank you so much for the blogiversary wishes! :-)
Sorry you are getting flurries. I won't tell you what the weather is like out here on the Left Coast.
Give my regards to the Elvis-loving Mrs. Monk :-)

fallenmonk said...

Its improving and nice an sunny today...speaking of Elvis madam has just discovered an English bloke named Ben Portsmouth that does a wicked Elvis...look him up in youtube.