Monday, August 30, 2004

Proud of America Today

"On bicycles, on foot, and some with their children in tow, hundreds of thousands of people moved through areas of Manhattan today in rallies or mass demonstrations, carrying messages against war and the Bush administration.
In the largest demonstration ever at a political convention, people swarmed through the midtown area of Manhattan in a march organized by United for Peace and Justice, passing by Madison Square Garden...At the height of the march, it took more than an hour to move one block."

I am very proud of America today. I haven't felt so for the last few years. Yesterday, Americans showed up in New York and made it clear to the Bush administration and to the world that this country belongs to us, and is not a wholly owned subsidiary of Halliburton. It was beautiful. Thanks to all of you who were in New York yesterday, on behalf of those of us who couldn't be there with you.

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