Sunday, April 17, 2005

Safe and Sound

Safe and sound in Lyon. Paris was sunny but it is chilly and raining here. New hotel this trip. In the old part of the city right on the river Sohne in the historic section. Passable with all the normal ammenities including wireles internet. Not as ritzy as the Radisson but has some charm being in in a rennovated 16th century building. I think I will be able to survive for a couple weeks no problem. Arriving on Sunday means pretty much everything is closed including the restaurant in the hotel. If I want to eat dinner it will be a walk in the rain and not until 730pm when any restaurant opening will open. Might be a pack of crackers and a beer from the mini bar for big bucks.
On a side note.. there were a lot of folks in desert camo in the Atlanta airport and quite a few civilian contractors on their way to Iraq. Depressing...most are so young and surpisingly quite a few young women. Evidently from CNN it has not been a good weekend either. Damn the SOBs.

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