Monday, January 23, 2006

Alito Needs a Filibuster

Codepink has asked some of us to help get the word out that momentum is building toward a filibuster, that the right's "done deal" sound bite is nothing but spin, and that people need to call their senators?

Here are the toll-free numbers to the Senate.

Here they are:
(888 818-6641 or (888 355-3588 or (800) 426-8073

And here's a lot more info and links:

All we have fought so hard to achieve could be for naught if Alito were to sit on our Supreme Court.

The good news is that momentum is building for the efforts to stop this abomination of a nomination! The right wing spin that “Alito is a done deal” is being exposed as the propaganda it really is. Now is the time for those who believe in the constitution to push hard to see that the next door Alito walks through has an “exit” sign above it!

One of the things we have working on our side is a lot of internet real estate -- together we can have a major impact.

1-(800) 426-8073 ask for your Senator(s)

Alito is NOT a “done deal.”

The momentum is building among Democratic Senators. The numbers are growing.

More and more of them are seriously considering an Alito FILIBUSTER.

It is the perfect time to add your voice; they need to know the country is behind them.

It’s time to call your Senators and tell them they will represent YOU by filibustering Alito.

1. Call your Democratic Senators. There are 3 toll-free numbers to the DC switchboard. Ask for your Senator(s) and tell the aide that answers that you urge the Senator to FILIBUSTER Alito. You don’t need to speak paragraphs; all you need to say is that you urge him/her to filibuster Alito.
(888 818-6641 or (888 355-3588 or (800) 426-8073

2. Call your favorite progressive talk show. Say that Alito is not a “done deal” as the Republicans want us to believe and that everyone should call their Senators and urge a filibuster. The filibuster was meant for just such a situation as this. Give out the toll-free numbers over the air. A list of progressive talk shows and their phone numbers is available at

3. Call Senators other than your own. For suggestions, see:

More resources:

Want to talk directly with the staff person of your senator who handles judiciary issues? Or, find fax numbers or contact info for your senator's district offices? Find them at:

Here are some of the groups that have opposed Alito’s nomination thus far: 2...momentum_agains

WHAT IF ALITO IS DEFEATED? WON'T THERE JUST BE A WORSE NOMINEE? History shows that when the first two nominees to the Supreme Court are rejected, the third is more moderate. See:
"The Case Against Alito," The Nation, editorial | posted January 5, 2006, editors

What is a filibuster?

...And, if you want the animated cartoon version of what’s at stake, go to: greater.html

Together we can and must stop the far right’s takeover of the Supreme Court!

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