Thursday, January 27, 2011

Win The Future Eh?

It's a great slogan...well other than the fact the it contracts to WTF. As much as I'd like to believe that we have the wherewithal to actually take a shot at the future I am sorely disabused of the idea that we have the spit to do it. The reality is that we have moved all of the foundation of greatness overseas. Its in China and India now. Yeah, I know we still have good schools and some high tech invention stuff and all that, and that's great. The thing is we can't do the small shit any more. For instance, we can't make our own shoes or clothes. Fully 95% or more of it comes from China or somewhere. I dare you to find some "Made in the U.S.A" clothes or shoes. (truth be told New Balance still has one or two shoe lines made here.). We also don't make our own tools. In my part time job I sell tools and nothing is made in the U.S. and that includes DeWalt and Milwaukee. Every screwdriver, screw, saw, knife, chisel, bolt, blade, and tool pouch is made in China, as well as every light fixture, ceiling fan, electrical switch, receptacle, shovel, hoe, pitchfork, rake and pretty much everything else you find at your local DIY store.

In the Wal-Mart driven world we live in today there ain't nothing, to speak of, "Made in the U.S.A." and that is the fundamental problem. Have you noticed how many products today have "Distributed by" instead of "Made by"? There is a reason and that is because we don't make it here anymore. I know that we no longer manufacture vitamins and other food supplements here in the U.S....all of it comes from China. I wouldn't be surprised to find that all the toothpaste, shampoo, soap, and Goddess knows what else comes from there as well and is just distributed by P&G, Kraft, General Foods and the rest. Who knows, because you sure as hell can't tell from the labels on all says 'distributed by'. Just check your next load of groceries and see what I mean.

To get back to the point...I just wonder if we have the spit to 'win the future'. We have been wedded to cheap crap from overseas for so long do we even care? We have been convinced that a box of chemicals is food and most are perfectly happy with a plastic frozen pizza or a Hungry Man dinner. Not a positive indicator for the future. Jeebus, when Jamie Olive showed a potato and several other fresh vegetables to school kids in West Virginia none of them recognized or could name them!

If you want even more proof that we are too lazy/stupid/poisoned/drugged to 'win the future' just consider that a large portion of our fellow citizens actually pay attention when someone as butt ugly stupid as Sarah Palin opens her pie hole. That alone should tell you that we are probably doomed and I won't even bother to mention most of the elected Republican party.

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