Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Race For Bat Shit Crazy HQ

I always considered Texas(sorry Steve) the HQ of bat shit crazy but I was obviously misguided. South Carolina has now given Newty the nod for Prez which confirms that they are truly the HQ. While the zombie from Bain will probably wind up with the nomination in the end it does give one pause to imagine "President Newt". I know the late Molly Ivins considered her beloved Texas a wellspring of bat shit crazy and she is surely looking down and laughing hysterically as the Palmetto state challenges the Lone Star state for the title.

Just as an aside, I have met Mr. Gingrich a few times and my very reliable 'radar' effected a rather strong dislike upon shaking hands. It doesn't happen very often that I immediately dislike someone on first contact but it surely and strongly did on each occasion. I should add that I had the same reaction to my Congressman Dr. Tom Price on the multiple occasions we have met. It is also, most assuredly, not because they are Rethuglicans as I have a number of Rethuglican friends that are actually quite pleasant as long as you keep the conversation away from anything even closely political or (Goddess forbid) liberal. Many of them still even talk to me whilst knowing that I am a DFH.

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