Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Cinnamon Bread

The cinnamon bread turned out pretty nice as you can see. It was dessert tonight after a very nice pulled pork, roasted tangerine carrots, butter peas from the garden and home canned apple sauce. Nice thick slice toasted a bit with good Kerry Gold Irish butter. This recipe is nice in that it is not too sweet and the full flavor of the cinnamon comes through. You don't really notice the dash of cayenne in the filling but it definitely adds something. I'll do this again.

I nearly messed it up though. I had it all rolled and in the bread pan when I noticed the box of raisins on the counter....duh. Out of the pan, unroll and add raisins. That will remind me not to ignore the first rule of cooking and that is a proper mis en place. If I had measured out the raisins and had them on the counter with the rest of the ingredients I would have saved myself an awkward evolution. No harm done but a good lesson.

Again, the recipe is from Stephanie Stiavetti, who writes The Culinary Life blog via Mark Ruhlman.

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