Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Woodpeckers Are Mad

I finally have a day off and it is not raining which means a full day in the garden. More than a day's worth of work to be done but I'll make a good dent in it. Yesterday we had a crew come in to spend the day clearing dead falls and removing a couple of large pines infested with the pine beetles. They got a lot of work done and it looks pretty good but still a lot of work to clean up the small stuff they left behind. They left me a huge pile of wood chips that will find their way into the garden as well. The two sick trees got chipped as well but they were hauled off to try and get rid of the beetles.
The local woodpecker population is none to happy with all the dead trees and debris missing since they all spent a good bit of time finding food in them but they'll get over it and the empty lot next door still has plenty of dead pines for them to chip away at.

I haven't chimed in on the Boston thing because I don't have anything constructive to add. Needless for me to repeat what a sick tragedy it is. I fell pretty sure that, if and when they catch the perp, he will turn on out to be a whack job with some imaginary grudge he believed he was rectifying. I'll bet a dollar he will be a right wing nut case of some color. We'll see.  Regardless, when we see this stuff happen, needless tragedy wrought by our fellows, we just need to remember that even  though the bad stuff gets all the news the good guys outnumber the bad and eventually it will be the rule and not the exception.

Oh! All you senators that voted against even the toothless gun background law and the amendments are cowards of the worst stripe. Unfortunately, I fear  that the general populace is too lazy and befuddled to make you pay for your crimes against the nation but one can hope that you will have to face your lack of will and spinelessness at the polls.  Here's to hope that  the public will realize that even though a huge majority favored the background checks their wishes were completely ignored in favor of a few bloodstained shekels from the mouth-breathers of the NRA.

Off to the garden. It's hard work but it really makes me peaceful and happy and that's important.

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