Thursday, July 25, 2013

George It Is

Seems I get to share the name with the new prince...good choice and I don't mind sharing and the name as served me fairly well.

Back to work today at 1pm and I'm scheduled for the garden center till 815p. Going to be hot but for the first time in a week or more the chance of rain only stands at 20%. Lately it has been at least 50% or higher and unfortunately very accurate. Just shy of 43 inches of rain so far this year.

I did have two days off but they were entirely consumed by getting the second garage door replaced. Not really hard work but very time consuming and again I had to "adjust the garage floor on one side by removing about an inch and a half of concrete. I did get smarter this time and get a couple of masonry blades for my angle grinder/cut-off saw which made it a bit easier. So both doors are now replaced and I can get back on schedule with trying to get some raised beds built in the garden and planted. The middle of August is pretty much the deadline around here for getting summer veges planted in time to avoid a frost but with the changes I am seeing in the climate I may get an extra few weeks this year. I should at least get a three or four beds built and planning by then. The fall garden will be going in shortly thereafter so the pace won't slack too much.

I think I have finally settled all the bills from the recent surgery...shame on me for not seeing the fine print in my medical coverage. While I knew I was limited to a maximum of 20 thousand a year in medical expenses covered I didn't know that the limit on outpatient services was only 2 thousand. The insurance did have a negotiated rate with the doctor, so that helped, but still my out of pocket expense wound up being about 1,500 bucks. Could have been worse to the tune of 3 grand without the negotiated rate. It sucks a wee bit that the insurance company considers the amount of reduction from the billed amount to the negotiated rate as part of your 2 grand. Just another year and I can qualify for Medicare if it is still around.

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