Sunday, October 20, 2013

Fall Is Here

Here we are on the 20th of October and it is finally beginning to feel a little like a proper fall. According to the USDA this is the first day on which we can expect a frost but it seems we are some ways away from that as it finally fell to 50 F for the first time last night. The trees are beginning to show a little color and there are few leaves on the ground already but my guess is we won't see a real frost until the middle of November. We'll see.

Madam has a bad cold and unfortunately it struck on her birthday Friday. It slowed her down a bit but she still managed to spend the day with friends antiquing and lunching(the worst German meal ever I'm told). I had to work from 0545 till 245p but I still fixed a nice rack of lamb with Potatoes Boulanger and her favorite Creme Caramel for pudding. Rather a quiet birthday even it was a big 'naught' birthday. She is feeling a bit better and the fever is gone but she is still piled up in the bed with the beagle(who has decided that my pillow is the place for her nap when I am not using it).
I gave her a nice bowl of homemade Jewish penicillin(chicken soup) for dinner last night and that went over well so we will continue the nursing today.

Off today and not planning anything too strenuous. Minimonk has requested a batch of biscotti to give as a gift so I will probably whip up a couple of those (one for her gift and one to split with her for ourselves and other than that it is a chill day.

Oh! and I tried once again to get onto again with no luck. This time it was very early Sunday morning and still just a white screen after the login. We'll keep trying.

Everyone have a nice Sunday and charge up for the week. It looks from the schedule that I will be the garden center cashier most of the week next week so I need to break out some warmer clothes and get my boots prepped. I've learned the hard way that when it gets cooler you don't want to wear trainers and spend hours out in the elements.

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karmanot said...

It is definitely Autumn here. Last night had a lavender sky and a huge yellow moon. Dusty gold, wild plums that line the back yard contrasted with the silhouettes of other trees as the twilight vanished. We have been freezing tomatoes and drying the abundant crop of cherry tomatoes. T has been canning, plums, figs, apples; making compotes, jams, jellies, and mincemeat. The Bodhi trees have dropped the last of their large heart-shaped leaves. A stray hollyhock, or zinnia still remains.For some reason I think of Buson and Basho this time of year.