Saturday, December 27, 2014

Variations On A Theme - Potatoes Gratinee

Madam had her Boxing Day luncheon for the ladies yesterday and I sliced way too many potatoes for the individual Pommes Dauphinois. Instead of wasting the potatoes I just put them in a bowl of water to keep them from darkening and I'll use them today to make a little less rich variation called Pommes Lyonnaise.  The Dauphinois is just layers of potato and Le Gruyere all covered with cream or milk and baked. My version of Lyonnaise loses the cream and uses chicken stock and adds onion to the layers of cheese and potatoes. Sometimes you'll find the recipe is identical to the Dauphinois and just adds the onion. Try them  all and see what you like. I'm being lazy today but there are a bunch on the web just Google "potatoes dauphinois" or "potatoes Lyonnaise" and you'll get plenty of options. Whatever one you pick make sure that it is simply potato, Le Gruyere and milk or cream for the Dauphinois and just potoato, onoin, Le Gruyere, and broth for the Lyonnaise. NO extraneous additions. BTW, don't bother to make either if you aren't going to use real Le Gruyere Swiss cheese.


Steve Bates said...

This must have been the week for potatoes. Three times within two weeks, I made a veggie version of my sainted mother's stew, mostly potatoes, carrots and stock (veggie this time), with a number of veggies added for flavor and texture. Stella agrees it's been a good week in the food department, and we have at least three meals left over from the latest version! (I've never chopped quite so many cloves of garlic in my life...)

Happy New Year, Fallenmonk!

fallenmonk said...

Happy New Year to you and Stella. Garlic is good for you. I say it should be in every meal. I am in the middle of making my own from scratch tortillas and I've just finished the nixtamal stage. Now to grind and press the tortillas. Enchiladas for dinner tonight but am afraid their chicken.