Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Very Much Alive

Yes I know I haven't posted anything here since January. I have no excuses other than I am an old man with all kinds of other things to distract me and much of what little I have to say can be said on Facebook.
No promises it won't be weeks or more before I post again. \\ but I'll try and pay attention.
Anyhow, working every possible day in the garden and it is coming along. We've had some good weather though a late cold snap delayed be getting some stuff going. It does seem that each year older it takes a little bit longer to get it all going plus really hard days in the garden are much harder to recover from.
Pretty much 100% recovered from the surgery though I still feel a twinge now and again and I'm still being careful about how much I try and lift which adds to my time to get things done in the garden.

The election campaign doesn't have me fired up as usual. I guess I'm getting resigned to it all. I'm a Democrat and will vote for whoever is the candidate. Emotionally I like Sanders but pragmatically it makes sense to support Hillary. Sanders would be nearly a divisive and our current President and will Hillary will be as well maybe not so much. Fortunately, I can't see the Rethuglicans getting any traction this election regardless of their candidate but the thought of Trump or Crux in the Oval Office is a bit daunting. Yikes!
Off to walk Zoey and then the grocery(It's old peoples day and you get 5% off for having one foot in the grave.)

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