Monday, May 02, 2005

Christian Reform

The Farmer over at Corrente has a timely post and extensive piece of a an article by Robert Parsons A Call for Reformation and Revival. It adds some context to the discussion Jane at Firedoglake and I have had on introducing the Bible as a text for study in literature and how it is just a ploy to get the Bible in schools and there is absolutely no intent to actually study the Bible. The intent is to cherry pick the parts that support Christian reform and advocate bringing down the wall between church and state. It's a lengthy post but worth reading if this subject interests you. I find something at the end of the post quite revelaing and worth quoting and that is a quote from The American Covenant by Marshall Foster.

The Bolding/highlighting is mine
If you see God as ruling the earth:
1. Your commission is to subdue the earth and build Christian nations through evangelizing and discipleship.
2. You see Christian culture to be the only acceptable culture and you see all others as aberrations.
3. All of God's world is holy and every activity in life is a religious activity to be seen as a spiritual work for God.
4. Reformation is expected.

If you see Satan as ruling the earth:
1. You must just concentrate on saving souls from this evil world.
2. You see Christian culture as a counter-culture, a persecuted minority in an evil world.
3. Church activity is primary and spiritual, while worldly pursuits are secular and to be dealt with only as a necessity.
4. Reformation is impossible and suspect, since things must get worse before Christ returns.

Think carefully about the implications of the above statements. There is no compromise and no recognition of other cultures and beliefs. If you don't believe as they believe you are evil and deserve nothing.
Be warned that the latest talk about activist judges and how not allowing the conservative judges Bush has selected to be confirmed are an attack on Christians is just the beginning. There are legal briefs in front of the Supreme Court arguing against the separation of church and state. This is deadly serious folks. The theocrats think this is their time and that with a sympathetic president and a majority in congress they can finally push the country back towards a theocracy.

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