Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Dodged That Bullet

Well, much to my surprise I have found a few moments to cruise around and see what is going on. I tried to go to bed and get some much needed shut eye but the watcher wouldn’t let me sleep so here I am back at the laptop.
Obviously, the big news over the last 48 hours is the filibuster compromise. I checked in at Firedoglake and Jane has a lucid comment that I agree with and so commented. As usual Kos is on it. Steve Gilliard probably comes closest to synching up with my gut reaction though.
This, on its surface, was about a few whacko judges and whether the minority has the duty under the constitution to oppose their lifetime appointment to the bench. The fundamental reality of this whole “cluster F..k” was in stopping James Dobson, which we have done for the time being.
Dobson is just the most visible manifestation of the hard Christian right and their attempt to turn this country into their vision of a theocracy. He and his ilk expected to be able to appoint the next Supreme Court justice and with the filibuster still in place cannot accomplish this. This bunch, as represented by Dobson, are the most imminent threat to the continuation of the United States as we know it. They have money and the conduit to the media that allows them to get their message out. Poison pure and simple. They want to eliminate all the rest of us and failing that would like to see that we have no representation in government at all. They do not recognize compromise, as evidenced by the reaction to the deal made in the Senate. It is all or nothing for them. If we let up one moment and let them gain the edge we are doomed. This was not a small victory but a major defeat of the forces of evil as represented by Dobson.

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