Monday, March 09, 2009

Monday, Monday

After a glorious weekend of warm weather and a large amount of gardening we are ready for another week. I got all the cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower in the ground and the leeks. Didn't quite make it to the Chinese cabbage. I did check this morning and there are no deer tracks through all my hard work and they didn't remove netting so that's one good thing.

Yesterday was supposed to be my first day to claim unemployment. I got into the website ok but evidently made some kind of error and the site displayed the message that my PIN had been suspended. After an hour of busy signals this morning I finally got to talk to someone at the DOL and after they checked they told me I have to come back into the office to have my PIN reset. Evidently you have to sign a form in person. So now I get to drive back down to Atlanta to sign a form. Doesn't seem highly efficient to me. If you make a mistake on the website you are screwed until to make the trek back to the office. That will kill a couple of hours this morning.

Off the wilds of midtown Atlanta...

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