Sunday, March 01, 2009

Wet Weekend

It rained most of the day yesterday and today it has turned to snow. The temperature is still above freezing so we are only getting accumulation on the grass and roofs and not on the roads. It is supposed to fall into the mid twenties tonight so we'll see what tomorrow morning brings.

Managed to get out in between the rain squalls and harvest another load of bamboo. I just couldn't stand to see it just plowed down. I have more than I need but...
My daughter return my trailer yesterday after putting in a welded floor. I had replaced the wooden floor twice and each time it rots out. Now I have expanded steel which should last a while. I have already used it to get a load of bagged leaves I found on Craig's List and next week I have a close source for horse manure...oh boy!

Busy today getting Madam signed up for a Medicare Advantage plan. What a nightmare. I am not a dimwitted type and I struggled to understand the ins and outs. Medicare supplements versus Medicare Advantage. Part D or no. I really wonder how someone a little farther on in years or without good language and reading skills gets through it. I wonder how many people are so confused they just give up.

Working on my script for my web page today as well. One of the services provided by my career consultant is a web page and video services to help you produce your own little 30 second "elevator speech" that can be viewed by prospective interviewers or others you are interested in having some interaction with. Tomorrow is recording day so I have to have this thing polished, memorized and rehearsed for tomorrow morning.

I have thrown in a couple of pics of the snow and wildlife. It had only been snowing for about an hour when these shots were made. Snow was coming down pretty heavily. There is also a picture of some of my future garden plants. I am running out of room as you can see so the end of March better show up pretty quick.

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