Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Better Off Than Nashville

We got a lot of rain over the weekend, at least 2 inches, but my garden redesign seems to have done the trick and there was no running water damage. Still standing water in the lower area but it is between the rows and seems to be going away pretty fast. Everyone seemed to have enjoyed the deep soaking though. It looks like the folks in Nashville got the worst end of the storms...pretty nasty up there.

My sweet potato slips came in the mail on Saturday but it will be too wet to get them planted today. If you aren't growing a few sweet potatoes in your garden you should give them a try. They don't mind poor soil and grow so fast that they actually choke out weeds for the most part. They don't require much care at all and for a small investment produce a nice crop and will store all winter. I still have a few from last year's crop that are just fine and still very delicious. I like the Beauregard variety as they have the darker flesh and just seem to be sweeter. They do need a little space though as they spread.

Noticed a few aphids this morning on the tomatoes but organic gardening and no pesticides means there are also lady bugs busily munching away on the little devils. There seem to be enough lady bugs to do the job so I won't have to spend hours picking aphids. No sign of bean beetles or potato beetles yet but they will be along soon. Both are pretty resistant to organic pest treatments so they will require hand picking before they get a foothold. The eggplant are beginning to show some damage from flea beetles but if I am diligent with the insecticidal soap I can keep them down. Can't use anything much stronger as tomatoes and peas are blooming and while I haven't seen but one or two bees they should show up in force pretty soon.

I am off to dust the cabbages and broccoli with Dipel BT dust as the rain washed the last treatment away. Plenty of cabbage butterflies fluttering about but no cabbage worms yet due the diligent dusting. Then it is lawn time as the rain did wonders for my crop of clover and dandelion.

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